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2017December 16. : Hana-HANA-MSD size.

12We will have the home town Dolpa Tokyo 38-17.
2017年12月10日 : Space: 265-SD
Home town Dolpa Tokyo
Dealer space: 265-SD

Ladies and gentlemen, to Elo.
Daily followed by a cold day ~

We are fine, but who are you doing?

Event held in Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center in 12/17
Decided the dolls party Tokyo 38 dealer space.

If you have time, please come please.

Home town Dolpa 38 works

Hana-HANA-for costumes
SD size: Red & Black series and the pink & red
MSD size: Bink series

SD size(Akira ghostwriting)


Now after theMaking Japanese-style dress size 16 girlIt is.

Net sales also are thinking about MSD and SD16 size costumes.
When completing the work and the blog will let you know!

It from thisNow able to use credit cards to pay.

I come to effective use would be appreciated.


Model no. 25 Nana wearing nrunru costumes.

Multinationals visiting venues come and check it out please ~

But also, I won't touch piece had finished up photos!

During the event, Akira and Lin Hua is attending.
Please come come ~ ☆

Look forward to seeing you and everyone.

Well ~

Lin Hua
2017年11月22日 : Join home town Dolpa 38.
12Held in Tokyo on October 17

Join the dolls party 38.

Once in space, the
Also for your information.

Thank you.

Lin Hua
2017年11月22日 : Renewal!!

Ladies and gentlemen, to Elo.

There is little sociable.
A few things and was used for about 10 years

To change the address of your website.

Website migration and changes in settings,
Long time for waiting, but somehow we have

Had a website redesign.

New website address

Yet while creating the page, but it is so
I hope you will wait patiently.
Now please wait a moment m(__)m

In the future, please thank.

Lin Hua
2017年10月5日 : Message from the President

Thank you for your visit.

It is Lin Hua from Kyoto and Akira's sister unit becomes.

This Web site was established.

Strive to better stocked, so in the future please thank you.